5. Apr

The Schumann Quartet plays the “Company” string quartet by Philip Glass.

After searching for their own roots in Landscapes and engaging with their namesake Robert Schumann in Intermezzo, the Schumann Quartet complete their trilogy with the album Chiaroscuro, which in itself represents an equally exciting journey through time and temperament.

By way of Mozart’s arrangements of five selected fugues from Bach’s "Well-Tempered Clavier II" they look left and right into very different musical rooms. There are two early pieces for string quartet by Shostakovich, Philip Glass's "Company" string quartet, a short fugue by Felix Mendelssohn, and the six Bagatelles op. 9 by Anton Webern. The whole promenade culminates in Janáček’s last work, his Second String Quartet.

We are standing in a picture gallery of music. All around us we can hear snippets of the great works for string quartets, along with unfamiliar things to delight the ear; it is truly a music-lover’s paradise. Chiaroscuro forms the conclusion of a rather special trilogy of albums by the Schumann Quartet and at the same time marks a journey’s end.

In 1983 Philip Glass composed the String Quartet No. 2 for Fred Neumann's adaptation of Samuel Beckett's novella "Company". What was originally intended as a soundtrack is now the first foretaste of the Schumann Quartet's upcoming album.

The track can be heard from today on all common platforms. The album Chiaroscuro will be released on May 10th by Berlin Classics.