10. May

The Schumann Quartet releases Chiaroscuro

The end of a journey and a very special album trilogy: After searching for their own roots in "Landscapes" and engaging with their namesake Robert Schumann in "Intermezzo", the Schumann Quartett complete their trilogy with the album "Chiaroscuro", which in itself represents an equally exciting journey through time and temperament.

Chiaroscuro – Italian for "light and dark" – is the name of the programme. The Schumann Quartet combines works that could not be more different. They aim to show that despite the contrasts, the differences and discontinuities between such pairs as Mozart and Webern, Glass and Janáček, there are glimpses of common elements and evidence that many of the composers on display are brothers in spirit. It is a question of the "unity that the album forms", perhaps not in spite of, but just because of the contrasts.

And when at the very end of the album, at the very end of the whole trilogy, we hear Gershwin’s Lullaby, we cannot shake off the feeling that all this is such stuff as dreams are made of …

The album is now available everywhere.