18. Jul

The throbbing vibrancy of Manhattan: “New York Counterpoint” by Sebastian Manz

The second track of Sebastian Manz and STUDNITZKY's upcoming album "A Bernstein Story" is now available everywhere.
In "I. Fast (New York Counterpoint for Clarinet and Tape)" Manz plays the first movement of the three-part composition by american Steve Reich. The rhythmically complex piece is intended to capture the throbbing vibrancy of Manhattan.
A "perfect match" for the project of the classic Sebastian Manz and Jazzer STUDNITZKY - the two musicians met in New York to record an album together.
Their joint album "A Bernstein Story" will be released on 23.08.2019 by Berlin Classics.

"I. Fast (New York Counterpoint for Clarinet and Tape)" is now available in stream and download.