7. Feb

“Tjeknavorian: Violin Concerto” – Emmanuel Tjeknavorian plays the second movement from his father’s violin concerto!

With the second single "Tjeknavorian: Violin Concerto" Emmanuel Tjeknavorian gives a preview of the violin concerto of his father Loris Tjeknavorian. The extremely sensitive second movement "II. Andante cantabile" allows the young violinist to show that he not only has an outstanding technique but also an impressive expression.

One might well expect that a conductor and composer would exert a formative influence on the artistic development of his highly talented son. According to Emmanuel, however, that was not the case in the Tjeknavorian household. “When it came to music, it was rather my mother, herself a concert pianist, who looked after my education,” he explains. He was familiar with his father’s work primarily through recordings. “My musical training was completely independent of him until as an adolescent I began taking tuition in conducting from him.” Emmanuel Tjeknavorian was not even very familiar with his father’s compositions. Most of them, large-scale orchestral works, did not really suit his interest as a violinist. “That said,” he admits, “I would like to include them in my own conducting repertoire in the foreseeable future.” Indeed, he did not discover the Concerto for Violin and String Orchestra by Tjeknavorian senior, written during a vacation in 1956, until quite late in the day. “My father was still a student back then and had just begun learning composition technique,” explains Emmanuel Tjeknavorian. In the conservative Vienna of the day, exercises in counterpoint and harmony were top of the timetable. Students who had not yet passed their intermediate exams were not expected to give vent to their own imagination and start composing what came to mind. The Violin Concerto, composed within a short time frame as if in a state of intoxication, was his first “real” independent composition, marking as it were the birth of the composer Loris Tjeknavorian. His violin teacher, the violinist Hans-Joachim Drevo, was so impressed with it that he performed it himself (though only in the piano version) more than once.

The new album "Tjeknavorian & Sibelius: Violin Concertos" by Emmanuel Tjeknavorian will be released on February 21, 2020. Until then you can get a forecast of the album with the two singles "Tjeknavorian: Violin Concerto" and "Sibelius: Violin Concerto" which are now avaible as download and in stream!