20. Aug

‘Toccata’ – Iveta Apkalna and the Toccata from Widor’s Organ Symphony No. 5

With one of the most famous works of the organ literature, Iveta Apkalna allows a last insight before her new album 'Widor & Vierne' is finally released on September 18th.

The Toccata, the last movement of Widor’s Organ Symphony No. 5,  is one of the best known organ works there is and has made a name for itself in its own right. As a musical perpetuum mobile it is a mix of chords and runs, with a rhythmically pulsating artery, the double-pedal finale ringing out in triumphal power. Organists disagree here over the metronome markings given by the composer. Iveta Apkalna is not sure how much they truly represent Widor’s wishes: 'Compared to other exponents of the French organ repertoire, I play the final movement really fast, but that allows me to feel the pulse of the music.'

Iveta Apkalna will release her single 'Organ Symphony No.5, Op. 42 No. 1: V. Toccata' on August  21, 2020, as a foretaste of her album 'Widor & Vierne', which will be available from September 18, 2020.