9. Jan

“Trumpet Concerto in E Major, p.49: III Rondo. Allegro” – The last single of Simon Höfele before the release of his new album is out now!

The third single by Simon Höfele "Trumpet Concerto in E Major, p.49: III Rondo. Allegro", composed by Johann Nepumuk Hummel is now available! Now it is not long until the release of the new album "Standards" by the young exceptional talent Simon Höfele.

Like Simon Höfele, Johann Nepumuk Hummel (1778 - 1837) came from a family of musicians. Hummel's father Johannes Hummel was music master at the Wartberg military monastery and moved with his family to Vienna in 1786. There, Johann Nepumuk Hummel, who was only 8 years old, received lessons from the probably most famous musician of those days: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. With him he learned to play the piano and then, at the age of 10, began his first concert tours together with his father.

Simon Höfeles interpretation of the third movement of Hummel's Trumpet Concerto in E major is now available for download and stream. The album "Standards", on which the complete work can be heard, will be released on 31.01.2020.