21. Sep

Trumpeter in space: “Space Heroes” by Wolf Kerschek

On his album "Kind of Gold" Matthias Höfs not only brings together classics by Strauss, Stravinsky and Co. With "Space Heroes" a contemporary composition for the recording has been created.

Written, arranged and conducted by Wolf Kerschek during the recording, the piece presents the trumpeters with enormous challenges. At the same time, with "Space Heros", Kerschek brings out the broad sound palette of each individual instrument.

"The [...] work is rather an encore in which we show a lot of virtuosity, [...]" - Wolf Kerschek reports in an interview with Prof. Martina Kurth.

Whoever listens to the work and should feel reminded of Star Trek or Star Wars should be assured that this is intended. Listen in now and let yourself be carried away into the almost infinite vastness of the music!