3. Apr

“Vite et nerveusement rythmé” – The exciting piece by Nadia Boulanger interpreted by Isang Enders

With pianist Sun-Wook Kim, Isang Enders on his new single "Vite et nerveusement rythmé" interprets a work by the great composer and music teacher Nadia Boulanger. With this single Isang Enders gives another preview of his new album "Vox Humana". On this album he focuses on works around Claude Debussy: On the one hand, works that have inspired the composer. On the other hand works inspired by him - as in the case of Nadia Boulanger.
Today, Nadia Boulanger's name is not one of the best known of her time, a surprise considering the role she played during her lifetime: She has written numerous chamber music works - and even an opera. But the Frenchwoman, born in 1887, was particularly one thing: an outstanding music teacher. She taught several big names of the 20th century, including composers like Aaron Copland, Astor Piazolla, Quincy Jones and Philipp Glass. And whom she did not teach, she simply knew, like her good friend Igor Stravinsky or the conductor and composer Leonard Bernstein. In her Parisian apartment, which she lovingly called "Boulangerie" (French for bakery), the creative minds of that era came together to exchange ideas and spend the evenings together. This diversity and charity can also be found in her works, which are not only musically sophisticated but also deeply touching.


The new album "Vox Humana" by Isang Enders will be released on April 24, 2020. In the meantime, you can listen to the single releases which are available as download and stream on your plattform of choice!