11. Feb

We are stoked to read all those positive reviews of Simon Höfeles new album “Standards”!

Two weeks ago Simon Höfele released his new album "Standards" and already now the 25-year-old trumpeter can be proud of great reviews - and we with him! Here are some selected reviews:

"Fast, strong, victorious, garnished with silver and gold, triumphant, clear, bright, lively, sweet and dangerous at the same time. And assailingly seductive. You feel immediately better and more important than you are when you hear something like this! [...] Simon Höfele is a phenomenon. Although he is only in his mid-twenties, he has already conquered international soloist status, won about half a dozen competitions, and this CD here with classical trumpet concerts is already his third album. He had dedicated the first two albums exclusively to contemporary music, had played the most varied pieces by Ligeti, Hosokawa, Gruber, Neuwirth and Pintscher - and had conquered his own audience with this music for "special interest". Now Höfele had the desire for classical music. "Standards!" - is the name of this new album. – SWR2 Treffpunkt Klassik

His playing can be very virtuoso, also very cantabile, but many other trumpeters are able do that as well. What distinguishes the 25-year-old Simon Höfele is the quasi weightless, floating sound, the stupendously effortless, almost nonchalant way of playing. Perfection always shows itself when the listener no longer notices anything of the technique and its challenges, when a kind of music-making is achieved that allows the performer to concentrate only on the interpretation and the expressiveness. That is the case with Höfele. – pizzicato

Each standard on Simon's album leads into another world, carries the listener somewhere else. And that's why this month we like to rummage around with Simon in this standard drawer, which is anything but dusty, it shines in all kinds of colours. – BR Klassik

If you want to get an idea of the sound of ECHO Rising star Simon Höfele, you have to visit one of his numerous concerts or listen to his new album "Standards". Since January 31, 2020 it is available as CD, download and in stream!