18. Sep

‘Widor & Vierne’ – Iveta Apkalna and two great organ works

With her new album 'Widor & Vierne' Iveta Apkalna takes two classics of organ literature that have accompanied her since her student days.

What is the difference between the organ symphonies of Widor and Vierne? 'Vierne’s language sounds more modern,' says Iveta Apkalna of his music, 'it is technically more ambitious, it is harder to sing and to bring out the levels of his music.' Where harmony is concerned, Vierne’s chromatic passages are a prominent feature that is lacking in Widor, whose clearer tonal language was soon regarded as dated in the 20th century. 'Chromaticism leads into the unknown. You lose your orientation and your balance, Widor is different in that respect,' Iveta Apkalna comments. The form of the organ symphony pioneered by Franck and developed by Widor reaches its apogee with Vierne.

The new album 'Widor & Vierne' by Iveta Apkalna is now available as CD, download, and at the streaming service of choice!