1. Nov

“Winterreise” – Xavier Sabata and Francisco Poyato introduce the cold season with their new album

The “Winterreise” by Franz Schubert is probably one his most famous works. Almost all the great singers have interpreted this song cycle, but the Winterreise by a countertenor – most probably haven’t heard that yet. The countertenor Xavier Sabata and his pianistic partner Francisco Poyato simply dared to do it, even if counter singing is used mainly for the repertoire of the 17th- and 18th-century music and not for romantic songs. But it is this unknown, singing challenge that makes the project so exciting and worth listening to it.

“I am no lover of assignment to particular registers,” says Xavier Sabata. “Many people are happier when they can pigeonhole a thing. That may even provide a degree of reassurance. But music and art must never have labels stuck to them! Every time something is performed, a new work of art is created.”

The album “Schubert: Winterreise” by Xavier Sabata and Fransico Poyato is now available on CD, download and stream.